Saturday, 17 February 2018

Birds of the Sale Common

I must admit that I never tire of walking around the Sale Common but; as the water dries up the birds are slowly disappearing. The Darters have nested again, they and a few Cormorants are the only water birds left. These are in no particular order, on the one branch overhanging the water 5 nests had 4 young in each, they have now all left the nest.


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Young Wedgie.

Finally after 99 days the young Wedge Tailed Eagle has left the nest. It was getting hard at times to see the nest due to the growth on the gums between the track and the nest tree.

This one take 15/1/18. (hard to get focus through the trees).

Taken 31/1/18.

Finally left the nest 3/2/18.

This is one of the Kites nests, taken over by a wedgie for lunch. Notice the Brown or Copper Head Snake hanging out the side of the nest.

Click image to enlarge.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

More Birds

Just a few more bird pics from the Sale Common, the Darters are breeding well, five nests at the moment, the Wedge Tailed Eagle is still in the nest as of today 25/1, day 90 must be getting well fed. For the first time saw some Golden Headed Cisticola's.

 Golden Headed Cisticola. (Juvenile)?

 Whistling Kite.

 Grey Currawong.

 Fox on the run.

Golden Headed Cisticola.   Juvenile ?


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Herb Guyatt Reserve.

Went for a walk around Herb Guyatt Reserve today, first bird was a Kingfisher on the power lines at the gate, plenty of Eastern Yellow Robins, and Wrens, but, the highlight was a Rufous Fan Tail, the low light was I didn't get a photo, just wouldn't sit still.

 Eastern Yellow Robin, with Bug.

Sacred Kingfisher. (Not a good shot had camera on f/20 from another job.) Shutter speed too slow.

Blue Tongue Lizard, not Guyatt Reserve, at my back door.


Friday, 12 January 2018

A Mixed Bag.

Young Wedge Tailed Eagle is still in the nest as of 9/1. Have checked with (Birds of Prey of Australia, Stephen Debus), the young of Wedge Tailed Eagles stay in the nest 79 days to 95 days, this one has been in the nest about 75 days.

 Not sure of this species. Taken with 500mm lens standing back about 20ft. minimum focusing distance.

 Great Cormorant Sale Common.

 Second hatching of Darters from this nest over the past 3 months.

Yellow Faced Honeyeater, Swallow Lagoon.

Tree down about 2 Kms in from Sale end of the Common.

Yellow Faced Honeyeaters Swallow Lagoon.


Monday, 8 January 2018


First blog for 2018, yet another walk through the Sale Common. The Rufous Whistlers were out in force. Three in one tree and further around another two. Just a few snaps of the different poses.

Azure Kingfisher taken a couple of days before. Not a good photo the Kingfisher was over one hundred yards away.


Thursday, 28 December 2017

A Mixed Bag.

This will be my last post for 2017, so is a mixture of photos.
 Things are bad when you start taking photos of Ibis. 
Australian White Ibis. (Threskiornis Molucca).

 Australian Hobby. (Falco longipennis).
There were three on the road to Marlay Point.

 Tiger Moth. (Flyinusii riskissia lifisaei)

 Meadow Argus butterfly. (Junonia villida).
Sale Common.

 Immature Pied Butcher bird. (Cracticus nigrogularis)
Sale Common.

 Unknown. Lake Guyatt.

Tiger Snake. (Notechis scutatus).
Near Car Park Lake Guyatt.