Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Uralla Reserve.

 Took a drive down to Uralla Reserve to check out the bird life, it must be 12 months since the last visit, I had forgotten how long and steep the first part of the track is. Walked around all the reserve and sighted no birds; but we did see some fungi and the start of the orchids. Not good on Fungi naming, so some of these may be wrong.  One above  Earth Star, Geastrum triplex.

 Trumpet Fungi.  Craterellus sp.

 Trumpet Fungi. Craterellus sp.

 Mycena yuulongicola.

 ? Could be anything.

 Grandfathers Whiskers Lichen.

 Romaria anziana.

 Early Greenhood. Could be a Cobra Greenhood looking at the leaves on the stem.?


Saturday, 8 July 2017

More from the Common

 Following from last blog the three young Darters are now out of the nest. You would have to call these early birds.
The next two photos of Male and Female White-fronted Chats were taken at Desailly Flats last Sunday.

Jackie Winter was taken at the Stock yards on the road to Nicholson Rocks. 


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Sale Common Revisited

Have been walking the Sale Common twice a week for a few months now, the bird population has decreased no doubt due to the colder weather.
The one bird that is very common at the moment is the Azure Kingfisher, have had sightings every time I have been down. Record so far is 3 sightings on two separate days.

 Azure Kingfisher.
 The above photo of the Male Darter sitting on a nest was taken on the 13th May, I thought it was strange that a male Darter would be on a nest near winter.
The next photo was taken on the 22nd June, today showing 3 young have hatched, don't know if this is normal or not.
 The photo below is another strange one the White Faced Heron is totally unperturbed by the presence of the fox. I watched for about ten minutes, the fox just looked around and then wandered off, the heron was still scratching around after the fox had left.


Saturday, 6 May 2017

First of the Orchids

Some photos below of the first of the early Orchids. Checked out Swallow Lagoon 10 days ago, and called into Beverley's Rd, after Bird watching outing last Wednesday. Just to put some perspective on the size of these Small Mosquito Orchids, the buds on the top photo measure about 6mm in length.

 Small Mosquito Orchid Beverley's Rd.

 Small Mosquito Orchid Swallow Lagoon.

 Parsons Bands Orchid. Swallow Lagoon. This is the first one of these Orchids I have seen and the only one I could find at Swallow Lagoon.

Small Mosquito Orchid Swallow Lagoon.


Click image to enlarge.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

More from the Common and Lake Guyatt.

 Young Butcher Bird on grass at Lake Guyatt.

Sacred Kingfisher on the road to the Swing Bridge.

 This little bird was in the reeds at Lake Guyatt; but I can't name the species.

This is the last of the Lathem Snipe to leave Lake Guyatt.


Sale Common

Have been visiting the Sale Common quite frequently over the past few months, at least twice a week. Whistling Kites are in abundance as are the Sea Eagles, Pied Cormorants, Little Pied Cormorants, Black Cormorants, Darters, Yellow-billed Spoonbills, Royal Spoonbills, Pelicans just to name a few.
 Great Egret.
 Whistling Kite sitting above his nest, below is a young Yellow -billed Spoonbill near his nest. This is the tree where 4 Yellow-billed Spoonbills were raised with the Kite hovering above.
 Sea Eagle on the wing.
Whistling Kite.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

Lakes Entrance

Following on from the latest Heyfield Birdwatchers blog, below are a couple of photos of Cormorants. It was difficult to take reasonable photos from a moving boat, so i only have a couple of good ones.

After our 2 hour trip on the boat we lunched at Nancy's shack on the beach side of the lake and then we were taken back to our cars by the water taxi.
Five of us then headed off to the Colquhoun Regional Park about 10 Kilometres from Lakes Entrance towards Bairnsdale. We only walked about 50 metres along the track and came across a very busy Rufous Fantail. It was difficult to get a decent photo, so the following is not the best; but at least I did get a photo.